Mindful Photo Walks

I love introducing people to the benefits of Mindful Photography. It’s an active form of meditation and can be used as a way of slowing down, getting outside in nature and appreciating the world around you. As you get more experienced it’s possible to express your emotions through your photos in what you see and the way you see it. 

The aim is not to take technically perfect photos nor to create award winning images but more to enjoy the process and not to worry about the outcome. It’s a time for you to explore your creativity in a gentle, mindful manner and take time out of your busy schedule to refresh and rejuvenate your mind. Looking after yourself in this way is not a luxury, it’s putting your own well-being first so you can then return to your day feeling more relaxed.

I will introduce you to the basic concepts of mindfulness and encourage you to explore your own thoughts, preconceptions and automatic thought processes and hopefully provide you with some new tools with which to improve your own well-being. No fancy equipment is required, in fact the simpler the camera, the better, as it stops you being concerned with settings and the desire to take a fantastic photo every time.

Please ensure you wear comfortable sensible footwear and bring a waterproof jacket in case of inclement weather. As we spend all the time outside, you should be prepared for whatever the weather throws at us. Depending on the venue chosen there may not be any toilet facilities so please bear this in mind when you join us.