Natural Mindfulness Walks

My natural mindfulness walks are a combination of Shinrin-Yoku (Japanese for Forest Bathing), mindfulness in nature and a gentle stroll outdoors! We take the time to observe the ever-changing natural world, our place in it and our relationship to it; our thoughts about it and ourselves and what, if any, importance this has to our everyday lives.

I introduce you to some gentle basic meditation and mindfulness exercises and encourage you to slow down, explore your thoughts and become more adept at enjoying and appreciating the present moment, without the busy-ness of our everyday lives crowding in and taking over.

By allowing time to simply be with ourselves in nature we can learn to look after our own well-being and how nature can teach us that things cannot be forced and that everything happens in its own time. By being aware of and tuning into the rhythms of the seasons we can become more present in the world and our own lives.

Walks are organised as a small group or on a one-to-one basis. Please click on the button below to receive details and dates of my latest walks.